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AT4 wireless was founded in 1991. Since then it has maintained a global and stable growth, by promoting long term alliances, customers relationships, quality, talent, innovation and technology development.

AT4 wireless workforce keeps growing, in accordance to the group international evolution and expansion.

AT4 wireless employees are highly qualified individuals, with wide experience and recognition in their area of activity. They are professionals committed to the overall project and receive specific and continuous training to ensure they are able to adapt to the demands and the constant evolution of the technology and the markets.

If you consider that you may fulfill the requirements to work in AT4 wireless, please click below.

At the moment AT4 wireless, a Dekra Company is looking to fill the following positions. Please choose a position you are interested in and that adjusts to your professional profile from the list below. We will receive automatically your candidacy.


More international job offers:
  • Dekra Certification B.V (Netherlands)
Thursday, March 23, 2017
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